Salalah Tours and Holiday Packages


Salalah city is the capital of southern Oman's region of Dhofar , it has a great history, it is ecologically unique region, breathtaking views of majestic mountains beside wadis full of beautiful water, our complete set of Salalah Tours are covering almost all activities and places in this magnificent city, be ready for crazy time in water pools and glamour views of nature you can't see them anywhere except for Salalah tours, take pictures as much as you can and share your great moments in Salalah Tours with all your friends and Family. 

Landmarks in Salalah Tours: Wadi Darbat, Empty Quarter, Ubar, Wadi Ayun, Ayn Razat, Qara Mountains, Sumharam (KhorRohri).

 Activities in Salalah Tours: Swimming, Sightseeing, Snorkeling, Dolphins watching, Shore excursion, Dhow Cruise.

Styles in Salalah Tours: Arabian, Romantic, Historical.

Oman Tours in Salalah