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Sultanate Of Oman

Everyone by nature loves to see the beauty, and here you will find out a new address for the beauty called Sultanate of Oman.
Majestic forts and castles are telling stories of long history of a great nation, spectacular views of the beautiful unique Wadis between the stunning mountains and canyons with abandoned nearby clear sources of water.
Natural swimming pools inside the caves with crystal clear green blue cool water which cannot be found anywhere else, the spectacle of the moon light laying at night on the golden sand fascinates any eye.
The breathtaking nature of Oman is not everything there, go ahead and explore what can be done in Oman.

Oman Tours and Holiday

Oman is famous with its rich nature and breathtaking views, which make it a perfect place for your holiday tour, besides the interesting activities that will fill your time, and because of that we categorized our tours to make it easy for you to find your perfect tour in our Oman tours.

Oman City Tours

Who are we ?

We are Oman city tours; a leading tour operating agency in Sultanate Of Oman for more than 14 years of experience which gives us enough knowledge of your needs to be perfectly met by our wide set of high quality tours and packages in Oman.

What we do !

As we are Oman City Tours, we are specialised in providing tours and packages in Oman, our tours almost covering the most famous places in Oman at Muscat, Salalah and Khasab, our tours also are covering the most interesting activities there.


Since we are looking for your comfort and saving your time, we have trained all our teamwork starting from experienced booking agents to the knowledgeable tour guides, all of them are well trained to provide you with perfect services in Oman City Tours.